• Branding

    Dance Revolution was a weekly TV dance contest for teenagers featuring celebrity... Read more
  • Websites

    After Canada based animation leader, Cookie Jar, acquired DIC Entertainment to become... Read more
  • Edutainment

    As funding fell nationwide for the visual arts, CEO Mike Bundlie and his wife Denise Bradley... Read more
  • Communities

    As part of Spoken World LLC, Mike Bundlie, CEO of Poets Road, acts as Creative Director... Read more
  • Games

    The top car salesman in Vegas required a special viral game to help promote the show on A&E... Read more
  • Print & Packaging

    These concept pieces were designed for McDonalds and DIC Entertainment... Read more
  • Animation

    Airing on Saturday Mornings on CBS, Trollz quickly became popular with kids... Read more
  • Illustration

    Poets Road provides complete concept design including character design, style guides... Read more
  • Motion

    When over ninety shots were due in three weeks, producers for the feature film... Read more
  • Photography

    From concerts to red carpets, Poets Road has shot for numerous organizations... Read more