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As funding fell nationwide for the visual arts, CEO Mike Bundlie and his wife Denise Bradley wanted to do something about it. Teaming with the SBC Foundation (formerly the AT&T Foundation) and the Texas Cultural Trust, they conceived, illustrated and wrote the first in a series of books called, "Adventures in the Arts" that featured three kids from different backgrounds who come to study the visual arts at a school where art literally comes to life.

The first book in the series, The Mystery of the Gooey Grey Glob, starts as the students find out that school is cancelled just days after they've arrived because a mysterious grey substance has taken over the school and, reportedly, already eaten one student. The book comes with an interactive CD-Rom and features a unique story telling method that prompts the reader to create art while they read in sync with the actions of the characters. The book is the first book to be endorsed by the PTA and fulfills the Knowledge Skills requirements for the visutal arts for grades 2-6.